Everything is fair in love and war ?

The saying goes" All is fair in love and war" come from the mouth of John Lyly, a Renaissance English poet, yet those are the two things which do the most injustice. Love, people spend their whole life searching for it, and who knows they might find true love, but then you look at the other 50% of the world who have been divorced multiple times and are single and ready to mingle. What should you believe? That love is everywhere or that you should spend most of your life searching for it? Personally I don't know, but there's a part of me that wants love so badly i feel as though i would do anything to get it, and keep it forever. Teenage dreams are built upon rumors, gossip, and their peers. There are people who pretend to be your friend, maybe they are, maybe not. They tempt you to do the things you've always wished you could do but never thought would would actually get to experience. To you it was all just a dream you kept wishing for but were too scared to accept that it could actually happen. So, supposedly kids start experiencing feelings to the other gender once they reach puberty and their hormones start to change, right? Yet, I see 3rd graders making out when they don't even know why they're doing it. Ever since i was about 8 I imagined myself going out with this "perfect guy" who would always be there for me, love me, kiss me, embrace me with such compassion. Then i realized, very recently, that there is no perfect guy, there is no one guy in this world that will always be there for you, always love you, at least not when you're 14 years old. I've been trying to convince myself and my friends that there's much more to life than their teenage fantasy of love. You soon realize that you've lost everything you had, your friends, your friends, and most importantly you've lost yourself. The thought of love grew on you so much that you cant even think o f living without it. Your always looking for love and then when you find it you want it to last forever, but it doesn't. Your the one you makes up your life, and if you would rather take fantasy over the  reality that is right in front of you, then its your loss. But don't be surprised when you find yourself lost in your thoughts because you cant remember where you started off, all that "love" you thought you had was just your minds way of saying that you cant face reality.

War, why is it started? I don't know anything about politics but I think I know a little bit about people. To me it seems that people will get in a fight with one another if one of them is jealous of the other or if they are too much alike and realize that they might actually have some competition. You think your so cool, you probably are, who knows. You figure that if they're too much like you they might take your spot in society and add a new twist to your plot! Your too scared, so you start a war.

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  1. PrAnAtHiE

    i completely agree with u on this. love is just something for u to depend upon in time of need…..
    this is beautifully written

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