Who am I?

What is "personal identity"?  We know  that personal identity exists.  It's a fact of our  life, as common as the word, "I."  But how to define it?

It seems philosophers have been discussing the issue of personal identity and have set three rules that define  "personal identity or " who you are"

You are a set of your memories that you remember or some hiiden  and revealed to you at specific times. All the good and the bad and all the people you remember  is one pillar of your identity.
Continuity of your physical looks, the way you recognize your self in a photo of yours as a child- is another facet of your identity.Offcourse some philosopher say that if your brain is the only thing that provides continuity.. your facila features might change  or your height or weight might might but even with all the changes there is an essential part of your physical self that tells you and others  that its you. So continuity of your physical self is another part of your identity.

The third pillar of your identity is your subjectivity.Subjectivity simply means your desires,feelings, vision, goals,views,values and this is the essential you.
So three things define your personal identity.

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