Bliss Meditation

Simplicity. Effortlessness.
Rewire Your Mind. Open to Bliss. Heal Radically.

In just 7 short lessons, this online course will teach you how to meditate effortlessly and rewire your mind and body. It is like having a personal meditation coach with you, wherever you go!



What will the Bliss Meditation course do for you?

  • You will uncover your inner bliss
  • You’ll say goodbye to your sleep problems
  • Your stress levels will decrease
  • You’ll work smarter
  • Your ability to experience joy will explode
  • Your immunity will improve
  • Your blood pressure will improve
  • Your ability to stick to lifestyle changes will improve
  • You’ll radiate inner peace and bliss to everyone around you
  • Your relationships will improve
  • You’ll open to higher states of consciousness

How will this course do all this?

By rewiring your brain and brining balance back to your mind and body!

What is Bliss Meditation?

Bliss meditation is a series of lessons and practices that help uncover your inherent state of bliss. Each of us has the capacity to open to the bliss that is already always here. Ordinarily, this bliss is masked by the constant chatter of our minds and the stress of day-to-day living. Meditation stills the mind’s chatter to reveal the bliss that lies underneath.

This course is based on the wisdom of various traditions and brings to you a thoughtfully curated collection of meditation techniques that work!


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