Saturday Morning- 7:15am to 8:45am



Sunday Morning-  7:15am to 8:45am



Sunday Morning-  8:45am to 9:45am



For private class timings please contact Rohini at 732.986.6359


Set foot on this mystical journey with a yoga mat, comfortable clothes,

an empty stomach, and the desire to have lots of fun! 🙂



I teach Vinyasa Yoga, which is a flowing form of Yoga with therapeutic yoga postures, 
breathing, sun salutations and more. I tailor my classes and private sessions 
to each individual's needs, goals and interests to bring them the most satisfying 
and rewarding class, one that will keep them interested in their 
practice and allow them to grow with it. Our classes are open to all 
levels from beginner through advanced; I show modifications for every pose 
so anyone can feel successful during the class. 

Group or Private classes at: Edison NJ | Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, NY.