Our Story

Our Story

Hmmm!! how did I land up with this domain name? Sounds crazy but with my new found silence vibrating inside me I was thinking of all names with silence in it and hence the word Silence. Now coming to the second part of the name – chakra, my thought was more on the basis of cycle where everything in the universe has to undergo its cycle or 360degrees and so the word chakra.

Dictionary gives the following meaning for silent and chakra

Silent – making no sound; quiet; still
Chakra – circle or wheel, (in yoga) any of the seven major energy centers in the body

Sticking to simple meanings, I decided the domain name.

You might be wondering how silence can have a cycle. Good thought! All of us are born silent. Forced by the doctor’s slap on our backside we break our silence and it is then we start feeling the outer world noise. As infants, parents and people around us are worried if we are silent and so to keep them happy we cry, talk and sing. And hence begins our journey into the world of sound adding on more words, languages and other crazy, musical sounds. Later, at one point in life we are surrounded with so much sound that we would like to remain calm and silent. We pay money and go for classes to learn the art of silence, what an irony of life! Our silence starts back with death which completes our silent chakra of life.

Chakra has its significance in yoga as any of the seven major energy centers in the body. Sounds energized already. I had heard about batteries that you can insert in a doll or other equipment to make it work. But energy centers inside the body, sounds scary and creepy too. So I started my research into the meaning of chakra in yoga. They are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. There was lot more information which sort of confused me. My thoughts were always simple just like a toy needs batteries to make it work we have batteries already present in our bodies that have to be charged. Anyways, coming to our significance of chakras to silence, my research work helped me a lot. Our body chakras are always in a dormant silent state and the charging happens silently from the universe with our effort. Our silence starts at the chakras or energy points in our body which completes the silent chakra of the life, universe and everything.

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Practicing everyday helps to cultivate a deeper connection to your body.

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The only thing blocking you from your happiness is you. Accept it and let it go. Start fresh 🙂