Warning! You may get what you think!

As we think, our thought impulses begin to translate themselves in to physical reality, whether those thoughts are voluntary or involuntary. These thoughts will determine your financial, business, professional and social destiny.

The thoughts create magnetic field in our brain.These waves attract to us, the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with our thoughts.

Thoughts are forms and have an individual life, independent of its author. Sent from him in to the atmosphere, they move towards the realization of their own purpose of existence. That is why you must be on guard when you think.

One is surrounded by what one thinks about. Every time you think of something, it is as though you had a magnet in your hand and were attracting that thing towards yourself. So don’t always think of failures, catastrophes that are possible.

Don’t attract calamities by thinking about them. It will befall on you and on others too. It is a big responsibility. If someone known to you is reported to be ill, stop thinking the worst. As you keep thinking, you are surrounded by a heap of energy formations. So surround yourself with benevolent formations.

Don’t allow thoughts you don’t want, because that itself is the beginning of its realization. It is bad and poisonous to concentrate on what you don’t want, what one has to reject, what one refuses to be. Thoughts of ill-will, hatred are not to be allowed to enter at all.

One must not admit bad thoughts into oneself under the pretext that they are merely thoughts. They are tools of execution. You should not allow them to exist in yourself.

This comes by a lot practise and perseverance. But once you start seeing the results of positive thinking, life becomes interesting, you won’t never get bored.

You can literally enjoy the life you always wanted just by THINKING about them alone.

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